The ExoLife Finder, also known as ELF, will be the world's first and only telescope capable of imaging oceans, continents, and life on nearby exoplanets. Designed from the ground up, ELF is a new way to build affordable large-scale telescopes for exoplanetary research. Highly specialized to see exoplanets up to 120 trillion miles (24 light years) away from Earth, ELF is designed for detecting the energy signature of life or life’s likely chemical fingerprints in the atmosphere from water (H2O), oxygen (O), methane (CH4), and ozone (O3), or on the surface from photosynthetic biopigments. 

The first target will be Proxima b. In only a few months after ELF is completed, we will know if there is life on this nearest exoplanet! We will also learn whether there are Earth-like planets around Alpha Centauri A and B and all other nearby stars within a few dozen light years from the Sun. We will learn if we have neighbors, small or big.

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Bilder von Jupiters Nordpol

Bilder von Jupiters Nordpol zeigen eine unerwartete Gegend.